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Melissa Etheridge Heroes And Friends

You can't take a trip
if you don't first say goodbye
You can't find a star
if you don't look up in the sky
You can't find the light
if you don't know where the dark ends
and you can't change the Heroes and Friends

You can't light a spark
if you don't first carry a flame
You can't take the weight
of a single ounce of shame
You can't change the signal
just the message that it sends
the message of the Heroes and Friends

You can't touch the screen
it can take the place of love
you can disappear in either
when pushes come to shove
you can't walk the night into the dawn

and back again
looking for the Heroes and Friends

You can't ride the back roads
of the hometowns of the world
You can't collide on sidewalks
in a neon lighted blur
You can't rush the stages
and believe the words again
looking for the Heroes and Friends

You can dedicate your life
to breaking down the walls
to ringing the alarm
screaming down the halls
you can't stand the judgment
of the meaning in the air
that we are all just Heroes and Friends

Looking for the Heroes and Friends
18.10.07 20:37


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